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Sophomore Superstar
Kelsey Phillips

This article follows the story of Sophomore Maddy Kopsch and her unique hobby of Songwriting. She has experienced many exciting opportunities, many of which we could only ever dream about.

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PawPrints Tracks
Rachael Eisenberg

My article is about students favorite songs currently at CHS. It includes why the song is their favorite, and some interesting notes about music effects on students.

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Homecoming Proposals
Hunter Valenzuela

This year's homecoming dance was a big hit for students. So I asked a few students here and asked them about their methods of asking someone to the dance. Maybe they will inspire you to ask someone next year.

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Homecoming Game
Julia Sentgerath

Clarkstons homecoming game was an excitement all its own, between the athletic and musical performances. Nobody could have been any more excited without the big win from the varsity football team

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Kristen Cumming

It was a win for the seniors of Clarkston High School on October 9th. At the CHS Powderpuff Game, seniors won 20-14 against the juniors. Seniors were dressed in neon colors, while juniors were in an black-out theme. The game was a fun experience for the girls to bond with each other as well as meet new faces. To cheer them on, the Apomination boys dance took place during half time. The event was an overall success, making the juniors excited to play flag football at the Powderpuff Game for Homecoming Week next year.

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