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Wolves Hockey On The Rise
Kevin Lepper

By: Kevin Lepper

Senior Brent Bachusz (left) and Senior Brendan Borawski (right)


After a tough season last year, things are starting to turn around for the Clarkston Wolves Varsity Hockey team. The team's 3-8-1 record last season left some room for improvement. The team is aware of this, and is making changes for the upcoming season. This fall season, the team went 6-2 and is hoping to carry that success with them into the winter season.

One of the students on the team is senior center, Brent Bachusz. This will be Bachusz's second year playing on the varsity team. He has enjoyed playing for the school and is enjoying it even more in his final year. "I'm looking forward to being a senior on the team and representing my school this year," Bachusz says.

When asked about the team's improvements, Bachusz says, "we had a complete U-Turn. There's a new program and it's changing our mentality for the better. The whole team is being positive on and off the ice, and that's helping us a lot."

Bachusz thinks that the Varsity Hockey team goes under-appreciated and doesn't get enough recognition from the school. "We don't get funded by the school like other teams do," he says. "We have to pay for our ice time, equipment, jerseys, and everything else."

Senior goalie, Brendan Borawski is also hopeful for a successful season. Borawski points out how the attitude and skill of the team has improved since last year. "I'm looking forward to all the skill we've earned back from the end of the winter season of last year to this year," Borawski says. "We had a lot of practices in the spring, summer, and fall. In our games, we took our wrongs and rights and we applied it to the practices, and that's how we're mastering it."

When asked what the team is doing to get better, Borawski says "We're putting thought into what our coaches and teammates say, we repeat drills non-stop until we master them, we are going 110 percent in workouts at the high school, and we are doing extra work at home."

The Wolves will begin their winter season November 18th against Bay City. Coming off of a successful fall season, the newly energized Wolves are hopeful that they can improve from last year. Both Bachusz and Borawski have confidence for the team this season.