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Varsity Boys Bowling
Kevin Lepper

By: Kevin Lepper

When it comes to Clarkston Athletics, bowling might not be the first thing to come to mind. However, the Clarkston Wolves Varsity Boys Bowling Team should not be overlooked. After coming off of a 9-2-1 record last season, the Wolves are looking to carry last year's success with them into the upcoming season.

Seniors Drew Sagowitz, Jake Phelps, and Sean Furness are all members of the Clarkston Varsity Bowling Team. They enjoy being members of the team and agree that being with their teammates is the best part about Clarkston bowling. Sagowitz says, "my favorite part about being on the team is the whole family aspect of it. I love being with everyone, we're so close together it's like a second family to me."

All of them are looking forward to this season. Phelps says "I'm looking forward to (hopefully) winning some tournaments this year, because we usually don't."

"I'm looking forward to spending time with the homies. Chillin', bowling, having fun." Furness adds.

Sagowitz replied, "I'm looking forward to getting to bowl with everyone, win some tournaments, have fun in general."

Every sports team has their strengths and weaknesses. Clarkston Bowling is no exception. "I think our strengths are definitely the community aspect of it. We're really close together," Sagowitz says.

Something Clarkston Bowling needs to work on is picking up their spares. Furness elaborates on this by saying, "we need to work on our spares. There's been a few times where we missed qualifying by like two pins."

Something that both Phelps and Furness agree on is that Clarkston Bowling goes under-appreciated. Phelps expresses his views on this by saying "we don't get any funding, we're just a school club, and it's unfair."

When Sagowitz was asked about being under-appreciated he states, "I mean, I know we're a club sport, and it doesn't bother me that much. It's something I love to do and I don't think it should bother anyone if it's something you love to do. It shouldn't matter how it's represented."

Clarkston Bowling will begin their season soon. Coming off of a 9-2-1 record last year, Sagowitz, Phelps, and Furness are all hopeful to have an even more successful season. "I totally think we are going to go undefeated this year. We have a pretty solid team," Phelps says.

"No doubt about it, no losses. Oxford's going down," Furness adds.

Sagowitz goes on to say, "I know we got a good team, we got a lot of potential. I think we can go really far, we just got to get our heads in the right spot and we just need to execute."