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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Three Cheers for Charity Week!
Allyson Bachman & Gina McCowey

By: Allyson Bachman and Gina McCowey

It's no secret that Clarkston High School loves to help people in need. The amount of charity work the students do and how much money students raise are just a few of these examples. Another way CHS is helping people is the Charity Week coming up in January.

This Charity Week will be helping four major organizations. The David's Foundation, Skate for Change, Gleaners Community Food Bank and The ChadTough Foundation. During this week, there will be events each day that will raise money for these charities.

The David's Foundation was created after the late David Barns. His battle with cancer was extraordinary and his family wanted to give the hope that David had to others. This foundation not only offers some financial support to other people who are struggling through life threatening illnesses, but it also gives athletic scholarships to show how David himself was selfless.

Gleaners Community Food Bank's primary mission is to give food to those who are struggling and can't afford enough for their families. This foundation depends on collaborations much like the one they are doing with Clarkston High School.

ChadTough is a foundation that specializes in providing support for families with children who suffer from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). DIPG is brain tumor found in the Pons of the brain stem. Children are normally diagnosed with DIPG between the ages of 5 and 7. The survival rate for children with this tumor is very low. According to research most children with DIPG only survive 9 months after being diagnosed, 10% survive 2 years after diagnosis, and less than 1% of children are long term survivors. DIPG has been known as a rare disease and because of this not enough research is being done to find a cure for it. This is where the ChadTough Foundation comes in. This organization provides support and guidance for the parents of children with DIPG. They also raise money for research and are coming close to a cure.

ChadTough was started by the Carr family after their 4 year old son Chad Carr was diagnosed with DIPG in 2014. Sadly, after 14 months of fighting, Chad lost his battle to DIPG on November 23, 2015.

Skate for Change is a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth empowerment through skateboarding and helping communities through action. Kids are involved in this organization and make backpacks filled with socks, hats, water bottles, food, and other essentials and skateboard around giving the backpacks to the homeless. Their goal is to teach teenagers that giving back isn't hard and that we can all easily do it.

The important week will consist of five events. Monday, January 22nd will be C-Factor at CHS's Auditorium. Tuesday, January 23rd will be the Skate for Change dodgeball tournament. Wednesday, January 24th will be the lunch carnival during all lunches. Thursday, January 25th will be the ChadTough boys basketball game. Friday, January 26th will be the ChadTough girls basketball game.

Putting on, volunteering, and planning CHS Charity week is a lot of work for the leadership kids. Planning for Charity week starts a week after Homecoming and even though they have already done quite a bit of planning, there's still so much to do. According to Mrs. Vickers the budget for Charity week is $5,000 and $8,000 of their own funds to put on the various events throughout the week. They do not recoup this money through Charity Week. To get an idea of what goes into putting on Charity week, PawPrints interviewed the leadership students.

When asking Senior Brady Wilson why we support these four charities, he provided this answer, "Most of the charities impact our school and are close to some students such as ChadTough."

Leadership teacher and coordinator of school events, Mrs. Vickers also gave some insight about the preparation for charity week. When PawPrints asked her how much of the proceeds actually go to the charities, she responded, "100% of the proceeds from the events are divided up between the charities of our choice. Actually, we as the leadership class LOSE money, because we must spend some of our own budget to put on the fundraising events, like Sadie's, ChadTough, etc."

Due to this being the first Charity Week of the school year, Paw Prints wanted to see what this charity week looked like through another student's point of view. Ava Blumling, sophomore at Clarkston High School had this to say: "We had things like this at Clarkston Junior High School that raised money for charities that I took part in, I look forward to this one too."

This week will be a chance for all students to give back to their community and help out the others that are struggling. All four of these foundations are extremely important and this week is going to be a lot of fun.