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S.A.D.D Club's Success
Lexie Maynor

Did you hear the big news? S.A.D.D (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club won states in the "Strive for a Safer Drive" competition held by Ford Motor Company. They were even on Channel 7 News! But before we get to the details, what is S.A.D.D club?

" S.A.D.D club is a bunch of people who care about the safety of driving. We meet every week and come up with a campaign through the entire year on how to show people that driving safe is a very important thing. We do our assembly in March and have different events through March and April, consisting of different things like impaired driving or distracted driving," said Maya Gonzalez.

Most recently, S.A.D.D club participated in the Ford company "Strive for a Safer Drive". The competition is where S.A.D.D clubs from all over the state come to compete with their campaigns, the best campaign wins $2,000 in grant money to continue their great work with preventing dangerous driving. Judges look at who has presented the most information and who had the most impact on their community. In short, Clarkston won granting them the $2,000 for their work.

In order to win the competition the campaign must be informative, effective and creative. It has already been stated that Clarkston won, so what was the campaign?

" Our campaign last year was "you can be impacted while distracted" it was about being distracted when driving. For example, texting,calling or messing with the music. We had our assembly with St. Joseph hospital staff here, and they brought in people who talked about how they were distracted while driving and how they were impacted, and how they wanted to change the opinions of kids here. We went to the Junior high during lunch and we had St.Joseph come again, they brought drunk goggles and had the kids go through an obstacle course to see what driving drunk is like. We held drawing contests at the elementary schools. They could draw what they thought distracted driving is and most of the kids drew texting while driving. The winners received gift cards. We had our banner signing here during lunches, people could sign and do a driving simulator that an officer brought, they'd also pledge our saying "you can be impacted while distracted" Gonzalez reported to Pawprints.

The S.A.D.D club worked extremely hard in order to get where they got and to make an impact on their community and future drivers, and to have their efforts paid off Sebastian Salcedo spoke to PawPrints about what it felt like to win.

"It felt really good because it paid off the work we put in just because this year our campaign was different because we were trying to integrate the younger peers, because we usually only focus on the high school. This year we went to the junior high and did some activities with them, with future drivers rather than focusing on people who already have their license."

Along with the grant money, S.A.D.D was rewarded with pro driving lessons from stunt and race car drivers. They gave the passengers the feeling of an out of control car. Riding in Mustangs, these drivers drifted and sped as if they had no control. This is what Salcedo had to say about the experience he had with these drivers.

"It was interesting because the lady there was a stunt driver and she had been on a bunch of T.V shows and they had Mustangs that we drifted in.She taught us how to drift and where to look when drifting, that helped us a lot with talking to people because trying to spread a message and not really fully understanding but then getting in a car where you're not really in control" said Salcedo

Not only did S.A.D.D club accomplish winning this competition and cross it off their bucket list, but after their achievement Channel 7 News contacted them and wanted to do a story on their big winning experience as well. Salcedo also told PawPrints about what it was like for him to be featured on the news.

"Being on the news was exciting because it paid off what we did, even Mr.Kaul said that a lot of the time the basketball and football teams get a lot of publicity for getting first but S.A.D.D club made a big impact on people's lives" Salcedo said.

Both Gonzalez and Salcedo said the big message they'd want Clarkston students to take away from their efforts is to....

"Think first before you act, what you do may not only impact you but others also."