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Rachael Eisenberg

More often than not, you'll see over half the students of Clarkston High School walking through the halls or sitting at their desk with one or both ear buds in. Have you ever wanted to know what music is being streamed on their phones? I have. I am always curious as to what songs students are blasting, on the highest setting it seems, in the parking lot at nearly seven in the morning or when they are skirting out of the lot at promptly 2:20.

Whether it be Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music or one of the thousands of other streaming platforms, students are constantly finding new music to fit the mood of their individual playlists. From rap, to pop, to country, to indie and everything in between, students here are all likely to develop their own personal preferences and likings that fit uniquely to them.

Spotify states that more than 750,000 songs are streamed per minute around the world. That is specific to only Spotify. Can you imagine how many songs are streamed a minute in general? In any given minutes, what are the songs that students here at CHS are choosing to play?


Whether you are trying to get motivated or just trying to relax, here are some songs that students here at CHS are listening to and would recommend:

Tyler Sermak (Senior) : Secrets - The Weeknd

"I really like the beat of this song and his voice is godly."

Ronnie Plantus (Senior) : Winter - Khalid

"I like this song because the lyrics are very meaningful and it's an all around bop. It is such a good song to listen to while driving, and I really wanna see him live."

Brendan Barker (Junior) : Oh My Dis Side - Travis Scott

"This song gets me in a great mood no matter what. It is also one heck of a warm up song."

Garrett Joseph (Senior) : Safe - Young Thug

"I can listen to this song at anytime, and it puts me in a great mood."

Sam Janke (Senior) : Mink Flow - Young Thug

"The beat in this song is good and it gets me motivated each day. Plus, Young Thug is the goat."

Kelsey Phillips (Senior) : Heavy - Linkin Park

"This song reminds me of personal things that I can relate to a lot. It also makes me feel good."

Brianna McNally (Senior) : Rockstar - Post Malone

"I like this song because it is really cool and a good song to dance to."

Ben Neideck (Junior) : Guillotine - Jon Bellion

"It's a groove. Simple as that."

Rachael Eisenberg (Senior) : The Last - Kweku Collins

"This song is very relaxing and has a chill beat. It is great to listen to, no matter what mood you're in. The artist has a very unique style of music and voice."

Reis Baumgartner (Junior) : Roundabout - Yes

"This song is really long and it is nice to listen to because it is chill, yet also energetic at the same time. I listen to it a lot."

No matter what your taste in music is, it is always important to keep an open mind and to take a moment to try and share a bit of appreciation for what other people are enjoying. Music allows for an open platform to show your passions and feelings towards certain topics and moods. All music is liked by someone or some group, so there is no "bad music." All music is good music. What music would you consider to represent you? It is often found that people associate the type of music you listen to along with the type of person you are and what type of traits you possess.

When you get the chance, give some (if not all) of these songs a listen. CHS, keep sending in your favorite songs so that the rest of our school can experience the songs that you enjoy and love!