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Minecraft is Taking Over Children's Lives!
Catie Austin

By: Catie Austin

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Minecraft is a virtual land where users can creatively build their own worlds and experiences, using building blocks, and other resources discovered on the site.

The game is available on multiple platforms, such as computer, smartphone, tablet, XBox or Playstation.

Gary Fletemier, sophomore at CHS was asked what he usually plays Minecraft on, Fletemier says "Usually my playstation or on my phone."

Over 200 million people play every day because the creators of Minecraft come out with new updates that add more details to the game. Whenever the developers think the new updates are fun and enjoyable, they release the updates without any certain release date. This keeps gamers from getting bored.

Minecraft provides endless building blocks and a blank canvas. It's up to gamers to create something incredible, silly, or referential, using the tools it provides. The tools are user-friendly, as are the systems for these tools.

There are different game modes gamers can play in, such as multiplayer and single player. In multiplayer gamers can play mini games and go on servers.

Bella Crociata, sophomore at CHS said she plays, "Multiplayer, because you can play with your friends, and I like to play with all my friends rather than alone."

Minecraft is a way to express yourself. Gamers can build something very cool, and it will be unique to them because they did it all by themself. If people never expressed themselves, the world would be dull and boring. It is a mixture of challenge and fun, and it is not so hard that gamers will give up, and not too easy gamers will get bored. Gamers can even design their own player, and connect with other gamers online who share the same mindset.

Owen Crabtree sophomore at CHS said that he plays Minecraft, " Because you can create anything. It's like a sandbox, so you can do whatever you want."

There are many different animals in Minecraft. There are hostile, neutral, and passive mobs. The animals and monsters in minecraft are known as mobs. The passive mobs are pigs, cows, horses, bunny's, donkeys, chickens, villagers, sheep, and mooshrooms (etc.). The neutral mobs are cave spiders, enderman, polar bears, spiders, and zombie pigman (etc.). The hostile mobs are blaze, creepers, slime, ghast, witch, zombie, skeleton, and magma cubes (etc.). When you kill these animals they each drop their own unique loot. For example cows drop leather and beef. It is very important that gamers eat in Minecraft otherwise they will starve to death. Having the element of hunger just makes the game seem even more real.

Sophomore at CHS, Nico Franco answered what his favorite animal in Minecraft is. Franco said, "A baby pig, because it's cute. I like all the baby animals."

Gamers can tame animals too. Gamers can have dogs, cats, horses and etc. They're friendly animals, and will help gamers fight off hostile creatures.

Notch created minecraft in May of 2009. Notch sold minecraft a few years later because the responsibility was too much for him, having to keep it up to date.

Minecraft is important because it helps you learn new things. Kids should be playing this game because it can help with different science materials and expands their capabilities of learning. Minecraft creates pathways for gamers to develop their creative skills, their education, and much more.