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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Little Talks
Marlayna Russo

By: Marlayna Russo

A preschool named Funshine is held in the first floor of Clarkston High School. In order to get to know the fun preschoolers, we interviewed the teachers and students asking them questions and collecting amusing sayings.

Mrs. Rumph a teacher assistant for Funshine said when explaining the love for her job, "You can't be sad around the kids, because they brighten my day." Working with children has been apart of her life for over eighteen years. Over the years she has heard many funny sayings come out of their mouths.

Preschool Quotes:

"I have to tinkle." -Student from Mrs. Peterson's Classroom

This student tells everyone in the classroom that he needs to go the bathroom , before he decides to go. Mrs. Rumph proceed to share, "There's so many funny moments throughout the day, I wish we still wrote them down." A box was made to hold all of the amusing sayings the kid's said throughout the year.The box provided some much needed laughs. Kids have a mind of their own and tend to share what's on their mind, which makes our day more interesting", shared Mrs. Peterson.

I asked a student to tell me a joke from Mrs. Spicer's Classroom, the little girl was very excited to share this joke she came up with.

Joke-" What if a pear was an apple, and an apple was a baby?"

Answer- "The pear is actually a pear and an apple is actually an apple."