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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Little Ones Learn
Rylee Aranosian

By: Rylee Aranosian

Ever wondered what it is like to teach 3-5 year olds? Well, a little known fact to most students at Clarkston High School is that young preschoolers are learning here too! Funshine Preschool is located on the lower level of CHS and fuels young students' minds every Monday through Friday every school year. Students may occasionally see the little ones walking through the hallways or riding around on their little bikes in the basement.

In addition to the little ones seen in the basement, the teachers are there to support them, too. One of the teachers, Mrs. Rumph has been teaching preschool for 18 years, and explains her favorite part of teaching. She says,

"Being with the kids and making sure they love coming to school is important as well as learning at a young age." Although the preschoolers do not stay the full day, they have a day full of learning and fun. She also continues, when explaining the preschoolers day overview, by saying,

"Their day consists of lots of learning through play, recess, snack, coloring and working together."

As the preschoolers continue their day, they are not limited to being with just their classmates. The preschool program gives High School students the chance to take the electives, Preschool A & B. This gives CHS students the opportunity to spend an hour in the basement with the students as a class. Learning about child development, how young students learn, as well as having fun with the young students is built into their curriculum. Senior, Megan Adriaens, is involved in the preschool elective. When asked about how they help in class, she says,

"We do a wide variety of things in class. We mostly help out the teachers and play with the students. Also, not only do the preschoolers learn from us, but we also get to learn from them!"

She also explained that,

"Being around the preschoolers has taught me to enjoy my life more because they are so carefree and do whatever makes them happy."

The preschoolers, in addition to their day full of activities, love to laugh and talk about their favorite things to do. When preschool student, Claudia, was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she replied, "I want to do games!" Also saying her favorite part about coming to school is, "Doing songs at the carpet!".

These little ones are so full of life, and Clarkston High School is lucky to have such a wonderful program. Whether it be teaching the young students or giving High School students opportunities and experiences for the education program, Clarkston High School Funshine is preparing many students for a bright future.