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How to Lose Senioritis in 10 Days
Kristen Cumming

By: Kristen Cumming

As the upperclassmen at Clarkston High School may have already found out, signs and symptoms of senioritis generally begin to appear during the middle stages of senior year. The term, for those who have yet to develop the meaning of it or experience it, is defined as "a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance." This monster typically hits certain students harder than others, however I am sure that most can come to the consensus that such a roadblock is unpreventable... or so we thought.

Please pay close attention to the accuracy of the following suggestions, as they are not 100% successful due to personal attempts to dispose of my own senioritis (in other words, fighting against your own senioritis may take more time than you anticipated). My challenge to the seniors at CHS who are feeling downgraded by this is to lose your senioritis in 10 days: read below and see what you can do each day to (hopefully) minimize or reduce close signs of senioritis.

  • Day 1: Drink Coffee

Often times, we find that no matter what class we're in, if we're tired enough, it isn't hard to fall asleep. However, even though caffeine may not last for the whole day, depending on the amount that you consume, it does a nice job of keeping us awake when taking notes for a whole hour.

  • Day 2: Talk to a Sophomore in AP Calculus

What's the best way to find motivation? Talk to motivation! Any sophomore who is taking difficult AP classes does not plan on stopping their path to success... if you're looking for inspiration for school, they are the right people to talk to.

  • Day 3: Listen to Music in the Car

It's never a bad time to get out your frustrations by taking a drive and listening to your favorite songs. No matter what situation you are in, music always helps.

  • Day 4: Buy New School Supplies

You may find it somewhat fun to go to the store and see what you can find in the office section. Buy some new pencils and pens because it may turn out that you want to use your new stuff!

  • Day 5: Bring Lots of Food to School

A love for food has the power to brighten any situation. As long as you're clean and not making a mess, food generally has a way of keeping us occupied during school. Let's face it, it is easier to do homework when having a snack right in front of you.

  • Day 6: Try Carpooling to/from School

It is important to talk about how you feel towards school, your friends, and how tired you are every day. Maybe catch a ride to school so you can rant to someone when that day comes that you're just not having it.

  • Day 7: Wear Sweatpants to School

If you're one to plan out your outfits the night before and always have a plan, this might seem a little bit troubling at first... However I can guarantee that your world will not fall apart if you can't seem to put anything together one day and decide to wear sweatpants. You never know; might even do it again the week after.

  • Day 8: Go to a Basketball Game

Basketball Games are a fun way to be involved in the school while having a good time with your friends. Get away from the academic part of school and have a reason to go back to school that day. You might even find yourself dressing out for the Jungle (AKA: the student section).

  • Day 9: Create Fun Activities in Class

Either you are inspired by Mr. Hagewood's "Toolbox Talent Show", or simply just bored in class, it might make doing school work seem less painful to create a game to do in your classroom that gets students out of their seats to take a brain break for a second.

  • Day 10: Earn 12 Absences so You Are Required to go to School

Although the above information is not proven to completely remove senioritis from one's high school life, it can significantly make a difference in the way students at CHS reflect on themselves. Whether you choose to pursue two of these suggestions, or all ten of them, I hope that your condition of senioritis improves in one way or another, and that perhaps you even pass on the message to another friend who may be struggling in the same exact position as you once were.