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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Homecoming Proposals
Hunter Valenzuela

By: Hunter Valenzuela

Clarkston's homecoming week this year was a hit for students and teachers alike. The main event for students, however was the homecoming dance. This was a big deal for students all around. Students got to go to the gym, dance to music and go out to eat before and after. Over the years, homecoming has become a big deal to the point where students have to come up with funny or extravagant ways to ask their friends or their dates to the dance.

Senior Sage Paris shares his experience on asking someone to homecoming. He asked Heather Burrum, a senior on the Cross Country team by using a sign. Sage said

"I was told by my friends to use a pun on the sign."

The sign read "Heather, I think it would be a PUN time if we went to homecoming together." He took the sign to her Cross Country practice and she said yes as soon as she saw it. Sage did run into a problem, however. He said he made a mistake on the poster board and he had to flip it over and start all over on the other side of the poster board. When he was asked if he knew Heather would say yes, he said

"I was pretty confident that Heather was going to say yes to go to the dance with me."

Senior Serena Chiappelli told us how she was asked to the dance as well. She was asked by Junior Stuart Lenk in a very extravagant way. Stewart and Serena are both involved in musical theater here at CHS, and with that in mind, he decided to do something really special for her. Serena said

"Stuart knew that one of my favorite musicals was the Book of Mormon, so as we were performing one of the songs, he re-worded the lyrics in a way to ask me to homecoming. Then once we got back to his house, he had a sign to take pictures with."

Serena was a bit nervous that Stuart wasn't going to ask her to the dance. She said that he was cutting it short when it came to time. But luckily he surprised her and she was in awe. He was preparing for the right moment.

Homecoming was a big deal here at CHS, and the promposals for it were as equally big. These were just a couple of examples of students who went above and beyond for their last year at CHS. Hopefully everyone that went to the dance had a good time, and we hope these examples may help other students come up with some good ideas for next year's dance.