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German Career Day
Alora Thayer

By: Alora Thayer

On October 4th, a group of 10 german students and their teacher Frau Schneider attended German Career Day at Aquinas Colleges. German Career Day is an event that offers students a chance to learn more about German related career opportunities.

In terms of preparing for the event, Frau Schneider stated, "We talked about what types of people we would expect to meet there. The students knew they might be meeting with potential college admissions folks or potential employers even for the future so I did kind of remind them to look professional, they didn't necessarily have to be super dressed up, but still look professional because they could be meeting someone who they later might want to have contact with."

She also explained how the class had a discussion about the german businesses that would be attending the event who reside here in Michigan.

When asked at German Career Day, Nadene Saffold one of the 10 students who attended responded with "There was a lot of people to talk to and it was cool to be able see the college and all the opportunities for taking German, there was a lot of different opportunities for internships and possible jobs"

One of the organizations that presented at the event was Goethe-Institut who are very culturally orientated. They advertise the cultural outreach for the federal republic of Germany. Goethe-Institut talked about some of the opportunities that are available for students in the dual vocational education system (Education and training which aims to equip people with knowledge, know-how, skills and/or competences required in particular occupations or more broadly on the labour market). After the students graduate they go and do a combination of classroom and hands on work with a specific company so they get a certification at the end of the program as an alternative to a traditional college.

Student, Lilly Chalker discussed that the most exciting part of the trip explaining that , "While I was there I found out about this internship program in Germany. They give you two months of extensive German training to get you up to speed no matter what level you're at and you spend 10 months in a German city that has a lot of opportunities for that area and as someone who works with languages."

Another student, Nadene said "I would say [the most exciting part was] to see the kind of opportunities for careers were. I found the engineering part of it really cool because I like engineering stuff and it was really cool to see the opportunities that there were for going to college or taking German as a language."

Frau Schneider said she was excited because the event gives students an opportunity to get more ideas about what students can do with language when they're done. German Career Day is just one of the events German students will be able to attend this year, in March students will be able to attend German Day which includes various different competitions to take part in. Another upcoming German activity will be a group of high school students teaching children at Independence Elementary the German song "grün grün grün sind alle meine kleider" in preparation for their spring concert in March. If you have any questions about any of these events please feel free to contact Mrs. Schneider.