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Four Years of Varsity Takes a Toll
McKayla York

By: McKayla York

Clarkston sports have been looked upon closely by schools all over the state. This is because of hard working athletes such as Noah Nicklin. Noah Nicklin, a senior at CHS, has been on the Varsity Football team for his entire high school career. Nicklin is quite the player. Nicklin has played 10 total years of football and has had many ups and downs along the way.

Nicklin plays right tackle, which means his job is to block the other players. This position unfortunately comes with the cost of injuries. His junior and senior year of the football season Nicklin had multiple injuries, bringing him some bad luck. His junior year, Nicklin broke his fibula and his ankle. The next year, he had surgery on his ankle and broke his arm. Nicklin broke his ankle because someone landed on his leg during a tackle. He still refuses to look at the footage of this play. This resulted in him not being able to play his senior year.

Nicklin said, "Not being able to play my senior year is one of the most painful things I've ever had to go through. The hardest part was not being able to be with the guys."

Besides these unfortunate events, Nicklin has had great success in the past and will continue to be successful in the future with his football career.

Nicklin said one of his biggest accomplishments was "Being the captain of the team my senior year because it shows how honorable you are." Nicklin was also the named the All State Honorable Mention his junior year, meaning he is worth mentioning in an honorable way.

Since Nicklin wasn't playing himself this season, he was able to watch the team and see the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

When asked who he was most proud of this season, Nicklin replied, "My brother Max because he wasn't playing a lot at the beginning of the season and I was able to watch him establish himself throughout the season."

The CHS Varsity Football team did extremely well this season, even without Nicklin not on the team. Regarding the State Championship win, Nicklin said, "It's everything you could ask for. I knew they had the potential to win." Even though Nicklin was not able to contribute on the field to this win, he was still incredibly proud of his team. He also added that this was his favorite moment from his football career so far.

Once he heals from his broken ankle injury, Nicklin plans to play college football at either Wayne State University , Grand Valley State University, or Dayton University.

Although Nicklin is currently injured, colleges are still offering him positions to play this just proves that Noah will be going places in the football world.