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Cross Country- Fall 2017 Season in Review
Tyler Garrett

By: Tyler Garrett

As the fall season winds down to an end so does the 2017 Clarkston Varsity Cross Country season. The Wolves Cross Country team finished with an impressive season. New records were set and memories were made.

After a successful season the Wolves finished their season on November 4th at the state meet. They sent many of their team members to compete. Overall the Cross Country team was very competitive and all the team members did very well over the course of the season. The team was lead by sophomores Brendan Favazza, Nate Sesti, and junior Sean Slater.

Brendan Favazza runs on the Cross Country team. He says he loves running for the school and loves the opportunity to run with his friends. He his one of the school's newest members on the Cross Country record board. Brendan was asked what the greatest part of this past season was.

"Getting on the record board was really cool!" Favazza said.

Brendan works very hard in the offseason in preparation for meets. He runs everyday to build up strength and stamina. He sets his goals high and works until he gets what he strives for.

"I want to run in college, but only D1," "During the off-season I lift weights and run everyday " said Favazza.

Teammate Nate Sesti also had a very successful season. Nate loves to run and devotes his free time to getting faster and better.

"I love running, it's addicting." Brendan also went on to say "During the offseason I play basketball and run all summer to train myself," when asked about his love for Cross Country.

The teammates were asked how they prepare for a big meet and responded by sharing,

"I listen to music and clear my mind. I listen to Big Sean and 2 Chainz before a meet," said a Brendan Favazza.

"I eat well, get lots of sleep, think about it a lot, and I do nothing [else] in school all day" Said Nate Sesti.

Both Sesti and Favazza would love to pursue their running careers in college. They love getting to represent themselves as well as represent the school. The boys also love running with their friends.

Looking forward to next season the Cross Country team should do very well again as all the team members train hard in the offseason. The Cross Country team looks forward to setting new records and winning even more next year!