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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Clarkston High School Cringe Collection
Erin Guigar

By Erin Guigar

In a high school, students are bound to face an array of obstacles. A common one among them being embarrassment. Teenagers are weird and awkward, always saying and doing the completely wrong things. Here's a small compilation of some hilariously humiliating moments experienced from the students and even some faculty at Clarkston High School. Some names have remained anonymous for the sake of protecting reputations.

Our first anonymous confessor tells of a cringey first date, "This girl I had just gone out with on a group date was holding my hand in the backseat of our friend's car. I thought it would be romantic to kiss her hand before she left, but when I tried to do so I accidentally kissed my own hand. I'm pretty sure she noticed."

Another anonymous Senior claims, "Once I almost tripped up the stairs of the middle school, but I caught myself. Later on that day, I thought it would be funny to show my friend how I caught myself the first time by recreating what happened, only this time I actually did fall and it was in front of like twenty other kids."

"In seventh grade I got locked in the bathroom that was hidden in the upstairs weight room but nobody knew. The whole class ended up leaving and going back downstairs so I had to yell for like fifteen minutes before someone found me. Nobody even noticed that I was gone." - Anonymous Junior.

One Senior, Jacqulyn Pastula, confesses of an embarrassing moment that wasn't even her own. "At the end of a first date, a boy told me he loved me after he dropped me off. I could see he immediately regretted it and didn't really know what to do. Surprisingly, we're still dating two years later."

"One time I was working on a project with someone out in the hallway during class. My partner went into the classroom for a minute and I was relieved to finally be able to let out the fart I'd been holding in. However, I didn't realize until after I did that a cute guy was walking right past me. The hallway was completely empty so he totally heard it." - Anonymous Senior.

A Sophomore admits, "I accidentally ran into a random person in the hallway, and instead of saying sorry and walking away like a normal person, I awkwardly rubbed my hand on their chest. It was really weirdly intimate and I regret it to this day."

For our grand finale of cringey moments, and the only one brave enough to reveal their name, we have a story told by none other than everyone's favorite Chemistry teacher, Mr. Cook. "I used to have an iguana as a class pet and one day it was sitting on my shoulder when it ripped a giant hole in the back of my shirt. I taped the shirt up obnoxiously with duct tape because I thought it would be funny. That day, as I was teaching with my shirt covered in duct tape, an administrator came in my class to watch me teach."

There you have it CHS, your fellow students and teachers happen to be just as embarrassingly awkward as you are. Hopefully these little confessions remind everyone else of their own humiliating moments that keep them up at night. To everyone whose awkwardness works against them - you're not alone.