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Aca Scuse Me? Aca Believe It!
Reilly Kerrigan

By: Reilly Kerrigan

Detroit Voice, an acapella group at Clarkston High School, is making it to the big leagues. With rehearsals every Monday and Wednesday from 6-9 pm, Detroit Voice makes a perfect harmony, with absolutely no music accompaniment played in the background.

Most of the members of the group have seen the previous years of this establishment, and have dreamed of being in Detroit Voice ever since.

"I have always wanted to be a part of DV since elementary school because they performed for us. It became official when they sang, 'One Day.'" says sophomore, Shayla Lindquist.

Detroit Voice has performed at many events. They sang at a concert at Brighton as an opener for TBD a cappella, a house party, at ICHSA which is a championship for high school acapella, the National Acapella Festival at Kettering, Ohio, spring and winter school concerts, the Downtown Detroit Christmas tree lighting, the Clarkston Christmas Parade, and the pep rally for CHS.

"My favorite performance has to be our most recent performance at the Kettering National A Cappella Festival where we were chosen as 1 of 8 groups to perform in the Friday night showcase concert out of 1,200 singers and 70+ groups," Brian Haverkate, director of the group explains.

Just recently, Detroit Voice and Synergy (CJHS/CHS acapella group) auditioned for ICHSA (International Competition High School Acapella) 2018 and got in the competition. Also, both groups were added to the Best of High School Acapella CD, where it is very hard to be accepted into.

Detroit Voice will be singing at Clarkston Idol on January 13. Like American Idol, Clarkston Idol consists of competitors. Competitors will be judged and voted on in order to win first place. Detroit Voice is in the halftime show while the judges are marking scores on their sheets, and on Twitter. Along with Clarkston Idol, Detroit Voice will be counseling an acapella boot camp for grades third through seventh, where those kids will perform at Clarkston Idol as well. This goes on throughout the week of the 7th of January.

Even though Detroit Voice is capable of doing a ton of things, the most important thing was being together as a family.

"I feel like I am literally with my family. I get this warm feeling when I perform with them because they are my best friends," Junior Madison Spring puts into words.

The group itself has had many ups and downs, but they fought through the hard times together, making their bond stronger than ever. Detroit Voice consists of many unique and wonderful personalities, so they all just click. Most importantly, they are all there for each other. When someone is upset or in need of company, the group never fails to comfort them, as well as if someone had exciting news, the group is supportive and happy for them.

"Every Detroit Voice group is unique and different in what they bring to the table. This year's group is extremely hard-working and driven to succeed and I respect their ability to get the job done and really understand the big picture of what we're trying to accomplish.They all also seem to really enjoy each other as friends outside of the group and this only adds to their on stage performances."

Haverkate states.

Detroit Voice has the musical talent, the voices, and the bond. They have it all!

For more information on Detroit Voice, check their website:

And check out their social media accounts on

Instagram (@detroit_voice),

Twitter (@detroit_voice),

Facebook (@detroitvoice),

and YouTube (@detroit voice)