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2017 Fall Makeup Products & Trends
Cate Connolly

By: Cate Connolly

Fall season is in its prime and the holidays are coming up quick! Looking for a few ways to spice up your makeup and glamour? This is one of the best times to ready yourself for the cold weather and experiment with new products on the market, or with what you already have at home. I, and some Clarkston High School Students, are here to help and share some insight on how to get that perfect autumn glow.

-Use a Beauty Blender to blend out your foundation, concealer, and any other cream product that you use on your face. They cost $20 and blend out your makeup flawlessly!

-Use bronzy tones for a classic eyeshadow look, or try, oranges, reds, and golds for something more seasonal. The Morphe 350 Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette ($23) is a good way to achieve wonderful Fall toned eyes.

-A great way to create a bold look is with lipstick. Vampy reds, bright crimson, berry, or a terra cotta nude are great colors to wear this season. Vampira by Kat Von D ($20) is an awesome liquid to matte lipstick to try this out with.

(Senior Emily Bragg)

These few things will re-amplify your fall makeup. Students at Clarkston High School have some tips and tricks of their own too. Senior, Emily Bragg, says "I definitely recommend using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz." She explained that she loves fall makeup looks, "My personality really shows through my makeup because I'm a very neutral person and I love using neutral tones." These colors are a classic fall look and worth a try!

Senior Marlayna Russo is quite the makeup mogul. She says, "One makeup tip I would have to give is putting cream products under powders because this can help intensify the look and make your powders last longer. It's also great for the cold and dry weather because it will keep your skin moisturized." This is a great way to heighten your makeup knowledge and skill.

Aside from makeup products, you can do some other tricks to spice up your appearance. Junior, Maddy Merritt, suggests "The best way to revamp the look of your makeup is to change up your hair color." Maddy's suggestion is creative, cool, and would be a major way to change up your look for the beautiful autumn weather.

As the leaves change color and the season continues, these are great opportunities to try out, purchase, and experiment with makeup and styles! Use this advice to give your glam an extra boost and make this fall full of beauty.