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Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Everyway!
Reilly Kerrigan

By: Reilly Kerrigan


Excitement fills the Clarkston High School Drama Club when it is announced that the musical, Mary Poppins, is going to be shown on our stage this year. Mary Poppins includes singing, dancing, acting with English accents, special effects, and super cool flying.

Auditions were recently held to find the perfect cast. They were held on, October 30th, November 1, November 2, dance auditions on October 31st on the PAC stage, and lastly, callbacks were on November 3. Auditionees needed to arrive prepared with a song that was no longer than a sixteen bar cut, along with a monologue, one minute or less.

"I feel I came prepared because I've had voice lessons, I practiced a lot, and I felt very confident," said Serena Chiappelli, the Vice President of the Drama Club.

Just like any audition, many students were nervous, and sometimes, it makes a difference in their performance. Charlie Dunn, a newcomer to the CHS Drama Club explains his experiences, "I feel my audition was okay, but I messed up some of the lyrics to my song and I messed up my tempo for my monologue because I was nervous." In this regard, it was easier for previous cast members to audition because they have done this process before, unlike the newbies who don't really know what to expect. Luckily, the aura of the audition was calm and pleasant.

"The vibe felt casual, You walked in and you showed them what you've got," Charlie Dunn went on to explain.

Mary Poppins is practically the perfect musical that can be put on this year. The emotion contrasts from the past two years of the musical, Carousel and Les Miserables. Mary Poppins is a more upbeat and cheerful performance where the audience can laugh, smile and enjoy their night.

"Mary Poppins seemed like a nice change from how we did a heavier musical last year. It's fun and family friendly," Amy Seaman, the director of the drama club, says.

If you are looking for something to do on February 15-18, go experience something magical at the CHS PAC and enjoy the show!

After all, it's always a jolly holiday when Mary Poppins is around.