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Diverse Fashion At CHS
McKayla York

By: McKayla York

Students at Clarkston High School are quite lucky to have a dress code as lenient as it is. We as a student body are able to wear practically whatever we want, which in turn, gives us the freedom to express our personality in our everyday clothes.

Trends are an ever changing concept as the seasons and years pass by, but yet there are a few people who always pave a way to make their own trends and maintain a style special to them. With that being said, it really is extraordinary that students have that power to wear what they want to school, and with that, they choose to step outside the conventional box and wear something unique.

A few students who I believe have a sense of unique style are Haley West and Lauren Burgess. These students would also agree with the insinuation that their style directly relates to their personality.

West said: "I love art and the earth so I wear jewelry and earthy tones or things made from the 70's era." West also went on to describe her style as "one of a kind." When asked how she thought her style differed from the previously mentioned 'conventional box', West said: "I wear things a lot of people wouldn't think to wear and mix crazy pieces together."

When Burgess was asked the same question she replied, "Sometimes my style is weird and I am weird. I like to throw unusual patterns together. It's different, and I have a different personality"."

Both West and Burgess said their favorite place to shop was Salvation Army. They said they liked the shopping experience there because you can find unique pieces that nobody else will be wearing.

Burgess then made an eloquent point about Salvation Army when she said, "Stores are trying to copy old trends, so why not just get the real trends first hand for a way cheaper price?"

Personally, I also believe that the key to having a distinctive style is shopping at peculiar stores. If you really don't want others to have the same clothes as you, shop somewhere you know is special and that others aren't typically going to.

Next time you see someone around CHS with an interesting style, I suggest talking to them and getting to know them. Chances are, their personality matches their sense of fashion. Unique and special.