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The Clarkston High School Marching Band: Who We Are
Lindsay Wing

By: Lindsay Wing

The Clarkston High School Marching Band is a group of 150 students that are all devoted to the marching arts. They practice roughly 12 hours every week. The Marching Band competes almost every Saturday at invitationals against other competing high school bands.

The band starts rehearsing in late May and the season ends in the beginning of November. The band learns most of their show the week of Band Camp. They go to Tuston, Michigan and stay at The Kettunen Center. Practices there are all day from 7am-11pm. It is very intensive, but at the same time very fun. Students are given hour long breaks between rehearsals and they can either swim in the lake, kayak, paddle board, or walk the trails. Junior Color Guard member, Rebecca Peart, says after being asked what her favorite part about band camp is "I just love being able to be with my friends 24/7."

After Band Camp is over the band continues to rehearse throughout the week. They perform at halftime for football games, or at competitions. The Marching Band's show continues to improve throughout the season by adding props, flags, and a huge white sheet that gets pulled over the band.

The band has made it as an MCBA finalist since they first became funded. During the year, they compete at Ford Field against other top qualifying bands. It's a really fun experience being on the field and seeing how huge the stadium is from the turf. The Band recently traveled to Ford Field and placed 10th out of 12 bands.