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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Life Is Full Of Drama, Why Not Join The Club!
Gina McCowey

By: Gina McCowey

The CHS Drama club is at the heart of the school's theatre program. From the musical to the spring play, this club does so much. Even though they put quite a bit of work into the musical (due to it being the biggest production of the year), they do so much more. Along with the musical, Drama club has other sub organizations such as Mime, Children's Theatre, and MTC. These groups also contribute a lot to drama club and are a big part of the theatre family.

Drama club is a mostly student run organization, although they do receive from the clubs coordinator Ms. Seaman, the musical's director Mrs. Ward, and many other parent volunteers. The Drama club has its own president and vice president, as well as secretaries, treasurers, and the directors of Mime, Children's Theatre, and MTC. Every year these rolls are passed on and filled in by the younger but qualified members of the club.

This year the club is already doing so much is preparation for the musical, which is Mary Poppins. Auditions have already been held, cast has been picked, and rehearsals are under way. While rehearsals are on going, Set shop has been hard at work building the set for the musical. Set shop's job is to build and paint the sets and structures that are used on stage during performances. The people who run and participate in shop deserve a lot of credit for spending so much time after school to make sure that the musical has the set it needs.

When comparing Mary Poppins to Les Mis, one can be seen as harder to put on and perform. In this case that is true. When Pawprints interviewed senior Skyler Lindquist about which of the sets is harder to build he said this,

"Mary Poppins might be harder because of all the decorative pieces and weird angle cuts, even though the Les Mis set was bigger this one's harder to build.''

Les Mis was the musical that was put on last year and got many glowing reviews. They hope the same will happen with this years' production.

Even though there's much going on with the musical, the sub organizations are also at work. Children's Theatre is currently working on their December show, which has been chosen as A Seussified Christmas Carol. They have been working hard with the Clarkston Village Players to insure that the performance is ready by December 9th. The performances will be at the Clarkston Village Players Depot Theater and times are 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 3:00 pm. Tickets are sold online or can be bought at the door for $7.

While everything is going on PawPrints decided to take a break from the the action and find out why so many people like Drama Club. When asking around, the answers PawPrint received where more than expected.

"I enjoy Drama Club, it's an escape for me because it lets me feel like I'm more than one person," said sophomore Charlie Dunn.

"I started theatre when I was 8 and since then I knew that it was the career I wanted to pursue and it's the place that I feel like I fit in most," Senior and Vice President of Drama Club, Serena Chiappelli said in response.

Drama Club is more than just a group of kids that like the stage, it's a place where people can go to make new friends and try new things. These kids are more than just friends and students. In the end they're family and Drama Club starts to feel like a second home.

~ Gina McCowey