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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Saving The Struggling
Allyson Bachman

by: Allyson Bachman

There are many people in Michigan who struggle with financial problems. There are many people in Clarkston alone who face these problems. Teenagers in high school seem to be aware of some of these issues, but don't truly understand it, unless they happen to be going through the struggles themselves. However, charities everywhere are trying to help combat these issues.

Lauren Comstock, a sophomore at Clarkston High School, has never been a part of charitable fundraisers. When asked about her knowledge about them, she said, "All I know about fundraisers is that people construct an event to raise money for people in need."

Some classes at the high school make it a necessity to volunteer for these companies; colleges will even consider a student's volunteer hours when going through the application process. There are fundraisers everywhere that students could volunteer for, whether it's building houses for days (even weeks) or helping to organize a food pantry for an hour. One of these fundraisers is the Lighthouse of Oakland County.

The Lighthouse of Oakland County offers community service hours to students who help with fundraising. There are many ways of creating fundraisers inside Clarkston High School that would benefit this charity immensely. Students could host a Bake Sale, a Coin Drive, or a Food Drive.

Michelle Robinson, an employee of The Lighthouse of Oakland County, stated that this charity helps an average of "between 171 and 200 families a month, and average about 600 individuals per month." All of these low-income families and individuals are being helped by this company. Once asked about how these people can apply to receive this aid Robinson responded, "We will meet with the client and complete an internal assessment for them. Clients need to bring in ID, Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates for Children and all household proof of income."

The Lighthouse of Oakland County does not have a definitive number regarding how many people donate, but the community supports them with food drives and individual donations. Students can always help by bringing food into their food pantry Monday through Friday.

Clarkston students can truly be a big help in contributing and, not only will it be helping families stay afloat despite their situations, it will also be helping students' transcripts.