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The accelerating & dominating new Clarkston Sports team: FIELD HOCKEY
Claire Austin

By: Claire Austin

This fall, for the Clarkston High School Field Hockey team, was a mixture of entertainment, heart, and grind, as they struck into the season with a bang. The team, carrying a wide variety of student athletes consisting of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, looked up to each other building unbreakable bonds. The team went 0-16 with senior captain, Isabel D'Autremont, scoring the first goals of the season and the previous year's season. However, since those losses, the team has become stronger than ever in creating connections with each other, and their skills on the field.

Seniors, Gillian Anderson (left) and Serena Scarpelli (right), practicing game-like situations. IMG_8015.jpeg

To start the game, the captains of the opposing teams flip a coin to determine the possession of the ball at the beginning. The game is then played with two thirty-five minute halves, and a five to ten minute half time in between them. This year, Clarkston had a smaller team, yet it supplied strong players to suit the roles of a courageous team. Generally, the teams each supply ten field players and a goalie, lining up in positions starting with offense, midfield, then defense. Once the ball is put into play, the teams scatter about the field, trying to gain possession. Although the halves sound long, the team pushed through and worked accordingly under the leadership of Blake Anderson and Eric D'Autremont to persevere.

Perseverance was key throughout the hardships during the season. Senior defender Serena Scarpelli says her biggest successes during the season were, "getting a yellow card and defending the goal to help the team out." She also adds that the best moment she had with the team was, "when coach had all of the team including defenders and the goalie down in the critical scoring area."

Senior captain Gillian Anderson also enjoyed this season, saying her best moment with the team was, "going to Grand Rapids where three people got red cards in one game." In addition to the best moment she had with her team, she realized the improvements they made at the end of the season. She said, "At the end of the season, I realized the team improved when we could compete with tougher teams. We were able to play at their level, and not below them."IMG_8111.jpeg

Have since watched the team improve, the team hopes to show the kids at Clarkston the fun they have together, and the goals they have for years to come. The program is young, and for two years now, the players and coaches have enjoyed representing Clarkston and the newest sport addition to the high school.