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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

The DECA Club
Kelsey Phillips

By: Kelsey Phillips

The DECA club is one of those clubs at CHS that you may have heard of here and there, but not know much about. The DECA club and organization has been around since the 1940's. They do a wide variety of events including going to business conferences and national competitions


There are currently eighteen CHS students enrolled in the DECA club here at school run by Mrs. Moore. Most of these students are either in or have taken Marketing courses. Their basic goals are to teach the ways of the business world and to help prepare students for a career in business.

When in DECA, there are different categories of study you choose to specialize in. Last month, the DECA club took a trip to Little Caesars Arena in Detroit to go to a business conference specifically focusing on the category of Sports and Entertainment.

"It was pretty cool because that's the specific area of study I want to go into and I got to kind of experience firsthand how it works there." Student Kevin Lepper speaks of his experience on the trip. "I like the club because we get to learn about different things like branding, business in other countries, marketing analysis, and the application of it in the real world with hands on experience."

Dylan Wright, another student who attended the conference with DECA, shares that he got asked to be this year's Spokesperson of the group. "The conference at Little Caesars Arena was a great experience because I got to actually get up and ask questions at the Pistons marketing panel."

Wright hopes to study the category of Human Resources and finds DECA to be a great club for him due to the "experience and connections you make."

Andrew Dimmer, a second year DECA member, explains that he joined DECA because he "thought it would be a really good experience to network with other people, learn new skills, outside the classroom that he wouldn't necessarily see otherwise."

The DECA club also competes in competitions, which consists of a fifteen to twenty page packet of multiple choice packet and a mock interview. To prepare, students received a study packet and had the opportunity to look over old test material.

The DECA club is a great club for anyone looking to go into business and marketing as a possible career in the future, and is unique from other CHS clubs due to the deep learning and experience it provides to its members.