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Paw Prints Past Issues (2017-2018)

Straight Up.
John Shore

Ever feel like your voice is unheard? Like you could really change something if someone just let you preach your holy words to the schools populace? Well lucky for you, the opportunity has come and now you can be heard across the acres with CHS's "Straight Up." segment. In this, you'll be interviewed for your hottest take and opinion on CHS. Your raw, unfiltered opinion could be in the school paper for your peers to absorb and be enlightened by. Get interviewed and speak truth today!

The number one problem in today's democracy? Well it's simple, you don't have a voice or the power to make change or change something in this nation. You as a single entity, individual, person are about as quiet as a mouse compared to those in power who have the ability to make change. So how do we get that attention? Form a group? Well you could, but that's not you because now you're part of the group meaning you are suppressed, still quiet, still weak. Strength may be in numbers but your opinion is yours and solely yours and that alone is unique through everybody. Your opinion matters and you don't need to be part of a larger group to make that valid. We want those people with that voice that feels like they've gone unheard and unrecognized who can really make change. Everyone needs to be heard including you because you are the one experiencing this system so why not tweak it to our preference?

IB students, Athletes, CSM Tech students, DEEP, Construction Tech, OTC, and of course the general student body all have varied experiences at CHS. No matter the teacher or students, everyone's opinion matters about the concerns and status of CHS. No matter which program you're in, you will have something positive to say about it or constructive.

Senior Joey Kennedy feels that the worst part of school is, "The work and not knowing anything and then having to go to work right after for your actual job."

While Evan Young, in his first year of DEEP feels different: "DEEP classes give you a much better insight on certain subjects that you couldn't get with normal classes. It's more independent and self taught to better prepare yourself for the future. I'm taking a philosophy class right now and it's been really interesting so far."