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Singing in Perfect Harmony
Reilly Kerrigan

By: Reilly Kerrigan

Group photo of Madrigals

It all starts with song, then an emotion, and lastly, a story. This is what the Madrigal singers experience day to day while learning and singing beautiful music.

You may know the Madrigals most for caroling around the school before students and staff leave for winter break. They also sang the national anthem for the pep-rally that takes place before homecoming. What you may not know is all the hard work the madrigals do everyday. Madrigals is the advanced choir in Clarkston High School that meets everyday during third hour. They sing many types of songs that range from lyrical, spiritual, foreign languages, to pop music.

"The songs we sing are challenging and a lot of fun," says senior Natalie Kane, who sings alto for the Madrigals.

This year, the Madrigals have been invited to sing at many events. One of the conventions they sang at was held at the Marriott Hotel Ballroom in Grand Rapids, where the Madrigals were the headliner. They have also sang at a concert located at Oakland University, and were also invited to sing at the ACDA Conference at Dalton center at Western Michigan University.

Senior Wesley Hutchison, who sings bass for Madrigals explains, "I like how Madrigals is a serious environment. We all love music, we are emotionally attached to music, that's why we love to do it. We all remember that we love to do this and Mr. Peterson is an inspirational teacher."

On March 24, Madrigals and the Concert Choir will be flying to New York city. They both will be singing at Carnegie Hall with a mass choir which will also include other high school and university choirs.

"We will be singing with close to two-hundred people in a mass choir. I have sang in a mass choir before, and it is amazing! We are also in New York, it's a great city." Hutchison adds.

Along with singing at Carnegie Hall, the two choirs will see Wicked on Broadway, enjoy Times Square, go to the 911 memorial, and go on a backstage tour to get the insight on Broadway musicals.

The students of Madrigals put in a lot of sweat and hard work for making their blend sound sensational as a group. They have a lot to feel proud of.

"I love that everyone in the group is there to make music more fun, more inspiring for those that hear us, and to reach out to our community and those who love music," says choir director, Mr. Peterson.

With everything Madrigals has accomplished, there is no doubt that they make perfect harmony.