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The Impact Of SADD Week
Michael Weiler

By: Michael Weiler

In March and April, Clarkston High School students come up with a campaign to teach students how to be safe drivers. The program focuses on how students can impact other drivers by the decisions they make, such as impaired driving and distracted driving.

Senior Sebastian Salcedo tells CHS Pawprints why SADD week is important: "SADD week is imperative because it allows students at CHS to learn about the risks of impaired driving for not only themselves but also the people around them. SADD week allows the students to become actively involved in the learning process."

SADD(Students Against Destructive Driving), is mainly directed towards young people so that they know how they can impact someone's life if they drive distracted and they won't make the mistake in the future. The club is a nationwide topic that promotes safe choices all over the country. The program stresses to get the message out, "Think first before you act." There were many activities that students could participate in created by the SADD program. These programs were meant to help students understand the impact they could cause from distracted and impaired driving.

"Some of the activities we offered to the students includes a driving simulator, drunk/impaired goggles through an obstacle course, and my personal favorite the impaired driving virtual reality simulator," says Salcedo.

As the years go by, SADD week has become a very informative program. This program has informed many students and young adults about the impact they can make on other people from driving while distracted or impaired.

Salcedo and fellow senior Maya Gonzalez tell us how SADD week went: "SADD week went spectacularly well because we were able to effectively impact our peers in a positive manner and raised awareness about impaired driving."

As mentioned earlier, SADD club is a nationwide program, that allows anyone and everyone to get involved. The more people involved, the more people are informed about this important and impactful topic. If people are informed about this topic, they may think twice before getting behind the wheel while impaired or texting while driving.

You may ask, how do I get involved? "Students are welcome to join the club at anytime. We begin meeting in the fall of every year to plan our campaign for the spring. If anyone is interested they can get in contact with us or any of the current members as we would be more than happy to help," says Salcedo and Gonzalez.

The SADD program is only getting bigger as the years go by and more and more students and young adults are getting informed about this important topic.