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Clubs & Activities

We offer a wide range of clubs, special classes, and extracurricular activities for CHS students! Find your hidden talents or develop your passion in any one of these exciting groups:

A variety of clubs and special classes have been established to offer an extra-curricular activity that appeals to every student.  These opportunities give students a chance to explore new interests as well as make new friends.  The existence of a club is based on participation rates and may be discontinued if insufficient numbers are not met.  A one time Pay-to-Participate fee will be charged for all clubs. 


  • Activist Club (Mrs. Cleland)
  • Arcadia (Mr. Olsen)
  • Art (Mrs. Messina)
  • Band (Mr. Lewis)
  • Business Professionals of America 
  • Computer Consortium
  • Clarkston Apiary (Mr. Olsen)
  • Dagorhir (Mr. Olsen)
  • DECA Professional Marketing (Mrs. Moore)
  • Drama (Ms. Seaman)
  • Drone Club (Mrs. Hughes)
  • FCCLA  (Ms. Spicer)
  • French  (Mrs. Mohr)
  • German (Mrs. Morrison-Schneider)
  • Japanese (Ms. Valtadoros)
  • Lead 1 & 2 (Mrs. Pickering, Mrs. Vickers)
  • L.I.F.E (Mr. Cook)
  • Madrigals (Mr. Peterson)
  • Magic (Mr. Webster)
  • Math (Ms. Allen)
  • M.I.M.E. (Ms. Seaman)
  • Mindfulness (Mr. Pierce)
  • National Honor Society (Mrs. Holbein, Mrs. Mohr)        
  • National Technical Honor Society (Ms. Kalinowski)
  • Newspaper (Ms. Spak)    
  • Octagon/Optimist Club (Mrs. Carson)
  • Philosophy (Ms. Allen)
  • Photography  (Mrs. Kaplan-Rudolph)
  • Poetry (Mr. Eisele)
  • Pride Club (Mrs. Bridgman)
  • Prism Club (Mrs. Bridgman, Mrs. Englehart, Mr. Klaver)
  • Recycling (Ms. Allen)
  • SADD
  • Science (Mrs. Kovanis-Wilson)
  • Ski & Snowboard Club (Mrs. Murray)
  • Spanish (Mrs. Raines)
  • Stock Market Survivor (Mr. Pierce)
  • Team Rush-Robotics (Mrs. Hughes)            
  • Tech Tricks (Mrs. Hughes)
  • Teen Court Mrs. Grasso (Mr. Zittel)
  • Treasure (Mr. Brosky)
  • Web (Mr. Brosky)
  • Women in Engineering (Ms. Kalinowski)        
  • Yearbook (Mrs. Lanctot)

For any additional information on clubs, please see Mrs. Quayle. 

2020 - 2021 Class Sponsors

Class activities include Homecoming events, fund-raising, dances and community projects.  Class elections are held in the spring of each year for the officers and/or class board members.    

  • Senior Class: Ms. Allen and Ms. Brock
  • Junior Class: Mrs. Grasso and Mrs. O’Rorke  
  • Sophomore Class: