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Student Policy During State Testing

(Consistent with the Assessment Integrity Guide provided by MDE)

  • If a student has a cell phone or other non-test electronic device out at any point during a test session, that student’s test has been compromised and is to be invalidated due to prohibited behavior, even if the student did not use the cell phone or device.
  • Students are not permitted to use, wear, or access any personal, non-testing electronic devices during testing or while on a break when in an active testing session. These electronic devices include but are not limited to smartphones, cell phones, smartwatches, BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES, headphones that allow access to voice assistant technology, and computers and/or tablets not being actively used for testing purposes.
    • Administration staff are to practice due diligence in actively monitoring students in the testing room and on breaks to ensure that electronic devices are not accessed.
  • If a student brings an additional electronic device into the testing room, the test administrator must store the device appropriately outside of the room to ensure that it is not accessible to the student during testing.
  • The testing environment is not to be disturbed by any electronic devices not used for testing or test administration.
  • If an additional electronic device is medically necessary for a testing student, the device must be left with the test administrator, or the test must be administered to the student in a one test administrator-to-one student setting, and the student must be actively monitored at all times while testing.
  • Students are not allowed to access the device used for testing for any other purpose than to complete the test during the test session.  A student may not access any additional websites or applications during testing, or for any other purpose after testing, while in the testing room.
    • Staff is to ensure that all testing devices are configured properly and that all background applications are disabled before testing begins.
  • No pictures or videos may be taken during testing.