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Scheduling Information

The 2021-2022 Scheduling process is now closed.

General Overview: When completing the schedule card, students should access the CHS Curriculum Guide. The curriculum guide contains information such as graduation requirements, academic programs, CHS courses offered, course descriptions, prerequisites for enrolling in courses, and much more.

Using the Course Selection Guide and Curriculum Guide for reference, Students should complete the appropriate Schedule Card as a planning document along with the support of their parents/guardians.

Using the completed Schedule Card, Students must enter their course requests using both the Course Title and the Course ID# into the Google Form assignment posted in their Counseling Google Classroom.   This form will be open for a specific window of time (refer to timeline below).  

Once the form is complete, a copy will be emailed to the student's clarkston email as well as to any parent/guardian email addresses entered in the google form.

Please keep in mind that counselors are unable to meet individually with every student/family during scheduling. We provide several opportunities (Curriculum Night, Curriculum Day, and Counselor Q&A) for students and parents to meet with with their counselor and have their scheduling questions answered.


Date Scheduling Event
02/01/2021 2021-2022 Curriculum Guide Posted
03/03/2021 Counseling Google Classrooms will open for future 11th & 12th Grade Students
03/03/2021 7 pm Curriculum Night via Zoom (check your email for the link)
03/05/2021 CHS Curriculum Day for Students
03/09/2021 - 03/10/2021 Scheduling Requests Open for submission in Google Classroom (for future 11th & 12th grades)
03/10/2021 11:59 PM future 11th & 12th Grade Scheduling Requests Closed
03/17/2021 Counseling Google Classroom will open for future 10th Grade Students
03/19/2021 CJHS Curriculum Day for Students
03/23/2021 - 03/24/2021 Scheduling Requests Open for submission in Google Classroom (for future 10th grade)
03/24/2021 11:59 PM future 10th Grade Scheduling Requests Closed


2021 -2022 Counselor Caseload Assignments

A - DEL  Ms. Shannon Carolin

DEM - JOH   Mrs. Tabitha Custer

JOI - M   Ms. Julie Krzciok

N - SE   Mrs. Kim McDaniel

SH - Z   Mr. Justin Fittonnevelle

Pro Tips

Some important things to keep in mind as you navigate the course selection process:
  • Watch this video to guide you through the scheduling process! (In Development)
  • Parents, please make sure that you review your student’s course selections for next year carefully before signing the authorization form. It is important that both the student and parent are in agreement on the courses selected.
  • The courses you select for next school year cannot be changed. Many things here at the high school depend on the course selections that are made by students, including staffing. It is important that all students and parents understand that course selection is important and the necessary time should be given to this process. Schedule changes at the beginning of the school year or throughout the school year will not be permitted- we simply do not have that flexibility.
  • Not all course selections are guaranteed, so make sure to choose your alternates wisely.