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Credit Recovery and Test Out

Summer School

Courses are offered through Clarkston Community Education for both credit recovery and advancement purposes. Summer School is for students who would like to advance, or those who need to recover credit(s) or wish to achieve a higher grade (please note- original grade is NOT removed from the transcript, but rather will replace configuration in GPA upon request). Students must check with their counselor before registering to ensure that they sign up for the correct class. 

2023 Summer School Registration


Test Out:

Students have the opportunity to earn credit by 'testing out' of a class offered at CHS. The student must score a 78% or higher on the test to earn credit. Students who successfully test out of a class will be awarded credit, but no letter grade will be given, The grade will be recorded as an "S" (Satisfactory), therefore the students GPA will not be impacted. Test outs are given twice per year, in August and December.  We do not perform test-out on demand.

August 2023 Test Out Application

August 2023 Test-Out Dates/Times:  (Testing times may vary.  Please reach out to the teacher administering your test out to confirm times.  Teacher are listed in the schedule below.)

Test out registration deadline is June 2nd, 2023

Please reach out to the test out teacher for the start time. 

Mon. August 7th Tues. August 8th Wed. August 9th Thurs. August 10th

World Language


Room A334 




PE Electives





Room A320



Room A223



Room A204*

Social Studies


Room A220



Room A111

Career/Tech Ed.


Room A342



Room A308 



Room B206


*For Art, the date listed is the date that your portfolio is due.  There is no sit-down test. You will need to see  Mrs. Kaplan-Rudolph ASAP to see what is required.

*For ELA, the date listed is the date that your portfolio is due. There may or may not be an additional sit-down test (depending on the class).  You will need to see Mr. Warner in A204 as soon as possible to determine what is required. 


Test Out Study Materials