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Credit Recovery and Test Out

It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of Clarkston High School's graduation requirements. If you have failed a class, are behind in credits, or looking to advance in your curriculum, the options outlined below are an alternative means to earn credits. Please contact you counselor with any other questions.

Test Out: Students have the opportunity to earn credit by 'testing out' of a class offered at CHS. The student must score a 78% or higher on the test to earn credit. Students who successfully test out of a class will be awarded credit, but no letter grade will be given, The grade will be recorded as an "S" (Satisfactory), therefore the students GPA will not be impacted. Test outs are given only twice per year, in August and December. We do not perform test-out on demand.

All test-out study materials can be checked out in the CHS Media Center, with the exception of PE/Health. You will find the PE/Health study guides below. The PE/Health test-out consists of three sections: The Fitness Gram test, The Reproductive Health test, and the Wellness test.

December 2019 Test-Out Dates/Times: TBD

CCS Summer School: Course are offered through Community Ed for credit recovery and advancement purposes. Students must check with their counselor before registering to ensure that they sign up for the correct class.

Michigan Virtual High School: The Michigan Virtual School is an online resource that enables Michigan high schools and middle schools to provide courses (all taught by certified teachers) and other learning tools that students wouldn't otherwise have access to. It was funded by the Michigan Legislature in July 2000 to be operated by the Michigan Virtual University, a private, not-for-profit Michigan corporation. MVS works in cooperation with individual school districts to grant course credit and diplomas.