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Counseling Staff


If you are interested in meeting with your student's counselor, we ask that you schedule an appointment. Counselors are unable to accommodate walk-ins or unscheduled meetings as working with students throughout the school day is top priority. 

You may contact Mrs. Covert at 248.623.4040 to schedule your appointment.

Thank you for understanding!


Students- Click the button below to make an appointment to see your counselor.

Student Meeting Requests

CHS Counseling Staff

School counselors are assigned by student's last name as listed below.

Julie Covert, Administrative Assistant
Transcript / Document Requests
P: 248.623.4040

Gail Decovich, Administrative Assistant 
Record Requests/Maintenance/ Transcription
P: 248.623.3552

Shannon Carolin, Counselor (A - CO)

Jamie Graves, Counselor (CR-GUY)

Amanda Goodwin, Counselor (GUZ- L)

Julie Krzciok, Counselor (M-RAFF)

Kim McDaniel, Counselor (RAG-SLI)

Justin Fittonneville, Counselor (SLO-Z)

Special Services:

Michele Rapal ,  Gen Ed Social Worker

Sheila Witkowski,  Career Consultant











Clarkston Virtual Support

Virtual / Online Students: Contact virtual support staff listed below:

Kellie Garrett, Administrative Assistant
Document Requests
P: 248.623.5416

Damon Rocho, Online Learning Coordinator
P: 248.623.5451

Lisa Nardone, Counselor 

Special Education Support Staff

Please contact the following support staff with concerns regarding students who qualify for special education services:

Tamera Conwell, Special Ed. Department Chair
P: 248.623.3558

Jake Schmitt, School Psychologist
P: 248.623.3550

Carolyn Clarke, Social Worker

Emily Cavaleri, Social Worker