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The Clarkston High School Counseling Department will work to connect, support, and empower all students through the development of academic, career, and personal/social foundations.

The school counselor's role is to be an advocate for all students so that each student can achieve their highest potential across every domain. The comprehensive school counseling program will inspire and educate students to become life-long learners by acquiring the skills, knowledge, and ability to succeed in a global society.

The Clarkston High School Counseling Department is devoted to providing a comprehensive program designed to support students in developing and using lifelong learning and coping skills. In addition to serving the immediate needs of our school community, we strive to implement a developmental program that supports student growth and achievement in the academic, career, and personal/social domains.

Counselors meet with students throughout the school year in large groups, classroom, and individual settings. Students are assigned to their counselor by last name, and remain with their counselor throughout their high school years.  Students are encouraged to become acquainted with their counselors as soon as possible.  Appointments can be made by visiting the CHS counseling office, or by clicking on the blue box to the right.