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Summer Learning

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          AP Statistics
                 Welcome to AP Statistics - Read to get access to Google
                 2021 Summer work packet
                 Chapter 1 Data Analysis reading
                 Case File #001 The Investigation of Barry Bonds
                 Quiz Chapter 1
                 Solutions to Practice Problems

                 Summer AP Calculus AB Work

          Algebra 2
                 Summer  Packet Cover Letter Algebra 2
                 Summer Packet Video Demonstrations Algebra 2
                 Algebra 2 Summer Packet
                 Answers to Algebra 2 Summer Packet (odds)

                 Precalculus Summer Packet
                 Precalculus Summer Ch 1 Notes and Examples
                 Precalculus Summer Homework Ch 1 Problems
                 Precalculus Summer Ch 1 Solutions

English Language Arts
                   ELA 10 Honors Summer Reading
                   AP Literature Summer Reading
                   AP Language
                   IB ELA 11 Summer Reading/Homework
                   IB ELA 12 Summer Reading

IB Biology Summer Homework

                    AP Chemistry Summer Homework