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SAT Review Resources

Better understand the elements of the SAT test to have the best possible test-taking experience!

Words in context

Understand nuances of vocabulary and context clues in the readings.

Command of evidence

Support your answers and also understand charts and graphs.

Essay analyzing a source

Closely mirrors college writing assignments, close reading, analysis, analyze an author's work.

Math that matters most

Problem solving and data analysis (quantitative literacy), heart of algebra, mastery of linear equations, passport to advanced math, familiarity with more complex equations. Geometry is more of a foundation as opposed to being shown here on this test.

Problems grounded in real world contexts

Directly relate to the work performed in college and career, include charts, graphs, passages likely to be encountered in science, social science,

Analysis in science and in history/social studies

Not measuring content, but rather apply their skills in those contexts (to apply their literacy skills in these areas)

U.S. founding documents and the great global conversation

Will include one of the following: one excerpt of a founding document or a text from the ongoing great global conversation about freedom, justice, and human dignity. No prior knowledge of the text will be required. No penalty for guessing: one point for each correct answer, zero points for unanswered or wrong answers.

Test Prep at CHS

The College Board recommends at least thirty (30) minutes a day until the date of the test for at home practice. College Board has partnered with the Khan Academy to provide practice resources. Clarkston High School Media Center also has two of the College Board practice books available for individual check out available on a first come, first served basis.