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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

The Mission of the Clarkston Career Tech program is to prepare students so they have the necessary academic, technical, and work behavior skills to enter, compete, and advance in education and their careers.

The Clarkston Career Tech programs of study offers an array of benefits for students in grades 6-12, including contextual environment for developing high-level academic skills, to providing specific industry certification or post-secondary credit in an occupational field. Students who are interested in pursuing careers requiring specific technical skills, as well as providing a strong foundation for those pursuing a traditional four-year (or more) degree will find an exciting challenge in CTE. It is an integral component of the total education mission, contributing to the goals of high academic achievement, student retention and motivation, and the development of general workplace and life skills.

CTE Graduates are in Demand!

  • Career Tech courses are based on the U. S. Labor Department’s top ten highest paid and most in demand occupations. We teach and prepare you for the real world of work and give you an appreciation for the career you may or possibly should be considering now.
  • Most Career Tech courses allow for credit to be earned at local Colleges and Universities
  • Career Tech Teachers have work experience in the fields that they teach.
  • Most Career Tech courses are Project-Based and allow you to demonstrate your understanding through your own creativity.
  • Additional State and Federal funding for Career Tech courses help us ensure that the most current technology and resources are available for our career tech students.

CHS has the following state-approved CTE programs of study:

  • Architecture
  • Business Administration, Management and Operations (Open Enrollment)
  • Computer Programming (Open Enrollment)
  • Computer and Network Technology (Open Enrollment)
  • Education (Open Enrollment)
  • Finance (Open Enrollment)
  • Marketing (Open Enrollment)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Open Enrollment)
  • Web Design (Open Enrollment)

CHS also has Career Tech focused courses in the following areas:

  • Applied Technology
  • Project Lead the Way: Pre-Engineering
  • Media Production
  • Video Production

RHS has the following state-approved courses of study:

  • Business Administration, Management and Operations (Open Enrollment)
  • Web Design (Open Enrollment)