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CSMTech students in action

A Supportive Learning Community

CSMTech was founded in 1994, and now enjoys more than 20 years of growth and development.

It is a science, mathematics and technology academy (STEM program), where learning is celebrated!

Students learn technology tools in 9th and 10th grades which carry them through the four-year program. Math and the sciences are taught in an integrated curriculum, demonstrating real world applications and connections. Students who enroll in this program are excited about math and science and love the atmosphere, that "learning is cool."

Since 1994, our students have graduated and gone onto reputable colleges and universities. The program has graduated many engineers, doctors, orthopedic surgeons, veterinarians, computer and robotics engineers and computer scientists as well as teachers! Some of the esteemed universities attended include: Kettering, U of M, MTU, MSU, MIT, RIT, Purdue, Cornell, WPI and Embry Riddle to name a few.