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CSMTech was founded in 1994, and now enjoys more than 20 years of growth and development. It is a science, mathematics and technology academy (STEM program), where learning is celebrated! It is an integrated program with acceleration within the courses. Students learn technology tools in 9th and 10th grades which carry them through the four-year program. Math and the sciences are taught in an integrated curriculum, demonstrating real world applications and connections. Students who attend this program are excited about math and science and love the atmosphere, that "learning is cool."

Since 1994, our students have graduated and gone onto reputable colleges and universities. The program has graduated many engineers, doctors, orthopedic surgeons, veterinarians, computer and robotics engineers and computer scientists as well as teachers! Some of the esteemed universities attended include: Kettering, U of M, MTU, MSU, MIT, RIT, Purdue, Cornell, WPI and Embry Riddle to name a few.

Students may apply for CSMTech in 8th grade to commit to the four-year program.

The CSMTech Curriculum

The CSMTech curriculum allows students to study through AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Chemistry and AP Physics. The material is taught in a comfortable setting which encourages help from teachers as well as fellow students. Activities and labs often follow-up or initiate learning in the classroom, allowing the students to apply the material to the real world. The result being a deeper understanding of “when are we ever going to use this?” Along with math and science, technology is an integral part of the curriculum.

  • 9th and 10th graders experience 6 Tech Weeks per year, where they learn a variety of technologies including computer programs such as Flash, Photoshop and moving making software - to name a few.
  • 11th and 12th graders have 5-week long Technology Blocks in which they can choose from a variety of intensive technology classes. Each student is encouraged to participate in an internship prior to graduation (through their Tech Block).
A CSM Tech student
Two students work on a science experiment

Upcoming Recruitment Meetings/Information


  • August 26 - ½ day, ALL CSMTech students
  • August 30 - no school


  • September 3 - Labor Day, no school
  • September 4 - Plastics Field Trip
  • September 9 - Team building day
  • September 12 - CHS/CSMTech Open House/Parent Meeting 6-8pm
  • September 13 - MMPC $4.00 due to teachers
  • September 23 - Summer Super Saturdays are due


  • October 8: Projected MMPC (all students)
  • October 11: ½ Day of School - Teacher P/D
  • October 24: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4pm - 7pm
  • October 25: ½ Day of School; Parent Teacher Conferences 12 pm - 3 pm


  • November 1: CSM - “TECH” Day for 9th and 10th graders
  • November 15: ½ Day of School - Teacher P/D
  • November 21-22: Final Exams for 11th and 12th graders
  • November 27: No school - Teacher Flex Day 


  • December 2: (through Jan 17): PM Tech Block, 11th/12th grade
  • December 12-19: Final Exams for 8th - 10th graders
  • December 19: Last day to get 1st Semester Non-Summer Super Saturday TQE signed
  • December 20: ½ Day of School; Teacher Records Day

January 2020

  • January 9: Super Saturday for First Semester Due
  • January 16/17: ½ Day of School; Exams; 11th/12th grade presentations for Tech Block
  • January 20: No School - Teacher P/D Day
  • January 21: Start of Second Semester

2nd semester calendar in a nutshell at the end of this document:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I apply to CSMTech?

If you love math and science, you should definitely apply to CSMTech.

How do I apply to CSMTech?

You will need to fill out an application. Applications are available through this website by clicking on the "Apply" button. For out of district applicants, you will also need to complete and submit the 105/105c application by the deadline.

Once I am accepted, then what?

Come visit the CSMTech classrooms during the student showcase in the spring to familiarize yourself with the high school, meet the teachers, and locate the classrooms. If you aren’t able to attend the CSMTech open house during the student showcase and are curious as to where in the building CSMTech is, you can attend the sophomore orientation day (in August) at CHS to tour the building. However, you will still attend schedule pick-up at your home building before school starts. On the first half day of school, you will attend only your home building. On the first full day of school, you will begin your schedule that includes starting your day at CHS in the CSMTech classrooms.

What if I am currently advanced in math or science?

We have many students that are advanced in math and/or science. We have schedules that have been created to fit the level of education for most of the advanced students so that they can remain on their advanced track.

What if I am a school of choice student?

You must currently be an 8th grade student in order to apply to CSMTech as an out of district student. If you are a school of choice student, you will need to follow the same application process, but also complete and submit the 105/105c application by the deadline. All application links are located under the "Apply" link. Once accepted into CSMTech you will become a full time Clarkston Student. School of choice students are expected to have their own transportation to and from school, a bus will not be provided to pick you up in the morning or drop you off in the afternoon.

Can I be in a sport or be involved in other extra-curricular activities if I am part of CSMTech?

The CSMTech program does not prevent any students from participating in extra-curriculars! The majority of our students are involved in band, choir, drama, athletics (we have many athlete scholars), robotics and various other activities.

Can I take band, a foreign language, or other elective courses and be part of CSMTech?

CSMTech currently takes up 2 of the 5 academic slots for a school year. Within those 2 slots students get their science, mathematics, and technology credits. The remaining 3 slots can be filled with other graduation requirements, foreign languages, band, choir or other electives. When scheduling conflicts occur, the Clarkston High School counseling staff has been able to adjust schedules to accommodate students' needs.

Does CSMTech offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes?

YES! We offer AP Calculus AB, AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, & AP Biology within our 11th and 12th grade curriculum.

How do colleges view CSMTech?

Colleges favorably view the CSMTech program. It is an advanced curriculum and our graduates have made a name for the program at most of the major colleges and universities in Michigan. Graduates from our program have also gained entry into prestigious math and science universities (i.e. MIT, RIT, Embry-Riddle) and Ivy League schools (i.e. Cornell). Seniors receive a CSMTech class profile that they can use to send along with transcripts when applying toward college admissions.

What career paths have students of CSMTech followed?

Career paths range from engineering to music and art. The top 3 career paths that our students follow are engineering, medical, and education. We do not focus on any particular careers in our curriculum. Instead, we try to expose our students to as much as we can so that they have a well rounded education and can make a choice that fits who they are.

What is a Super Saturday?

Super Saturday is an "out of the classroom" math, science or technology experience, which is a 1% grade for all three classes, math, science and technology. The purpose of this activity is for the student to experience what they are doing in the classroom outside of the classroom - as it pertains to the real world. Students are expected to put at least 2.5 hours into the experience - with a 1.5 page write-up documenting their experience. Examples of Super Saturday can include: going to Cranbrook Museum to explore the planets, or the Mummy exhibit at the Detroit Science Center, or going to a college visit and finding out what types of math/science degrees are offered ... the Super Saturday ideas are endless!

If I am a 9th grader in CSMTech, how do I get back and forth to the junior high?

Clarkston Community Schools provides a bus to and from CSMTech. If you ride the bus in the morning, you will get off at the high school instead of the junior high. If you walk to the junior high, you will ride the shuttle bus over to the high school in the morning. Once you have completed 1st and 2nd hours at CSMTech you will have a shuttle bus to return to the junior high for the remainder of your school day.

Does it cost anything to be part of CSMTech?

No, it does not cost anything to be part of CSMTech. We are part of Clarkston Community Schools which is a public school system.

Where is CSMTech housed?

We are housed at Clarkston High School. Our classrooms are located in the basement of the high school are are grouped together in the same hallway. This location gives us the freedom to expand our education outside the classroom and into the hallways and fresh air without disrupting other classes.