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College Application Process

Once the decision has been made to apply to a college, follow these steps required to complete the application process.


The CHS Counseling Department recommends that students complete their applications by October 31. Application deadlines, however, vary by school.

Applying OnLine

The majority of colleges and universities encourage students to apply for admission via their online application. Links to online applications can be found at each college's admissions website. The Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admission Officers (MACRAO) is a compilation of Michigan higher education institutions.

The Common Application: Many colleges and universities across the country subscribe to a program that allows students to complete a single college application and have it sent to any participating school. "The Common App" is available to be complete online or paper.

applying by Paper

While many colleges have eliminated their paper applications entirely, some colleges have downloadable applications on their websites, or will provide a paper application when requested by students.

Letters of Recommendation

If the college or university that you are applying to requires a letter of recommendation from a teacher or a counselor, you should give whomever you are asking to write a letter for you plenty of notice (at least two weeks). It is helpful if you can provide the writer with a resume outlining your accomplishments. You may also use the Class of 2019 Senior Questionnaire.

Supplemental Materials

If the college(s) that you are applying to require any additional materials to be sent other than a transcript, please complete the Supplemental Materials Request form and hand it in to the counseling office secretary, Julie Covert. One form needs to be handed in for each college that is requesting additional materials. Please follow this link to access the Class of 2019 Supplemental Materials Request Form


Clarkston High School participates in the e-transcript initiative, in which all student transcripts are submitted online via the Parchment program. Please follow this link for detailed instructions on Requesting High School Transcripts

Standardized Test Results

CHS does not provide standardized testing results to colleges. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to have their official scores sent to the colleges to which they are applying: