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The focus of the Counseling Department at Clarkston High School is to provide students and their families with comforting support and assistance in the development of their academic, career and personal/social skills.

The school counseling program mission aligns with the mission of Clarkston Community Schools. It is our purpose that over a lifetime, students will "learn to learn, learn to work, and learn to live now and in the future."

The Counseling Department of Clarkston High School is devoted to providing a comprehensive program designed to support students in developing and using lifelong learning and coping skills. In addition to serving the immediate needs of our school community we strive to implement a developmental program that supports student achievement in the academic, career, and personal/social domains.

School counselors are assigned by student's last name and students remain assigned to the same counselor through graduation. Counselors are always on hand to assist students in developing college plans, investigating career choices, and addressing personal/social problems.

Additional assistance is available to students through the services of several support personnel. The School Social Workers, Jeremy McCall and Carolyn Clarke, School Psychologist, Jacob Schmitt, and Special Education Department Chair Tamera Conwell help in concerns regarding special education services.

The Counseling Department also maintains extensive files of college and career information made available in the Career Resource Center. College representatives and military recruiters visit our campus throughout the year. Representative visits are posted and shared under the "College Information" links on the left hand side of this page.

Students are encouraged to become acquainted with their counselors as soon as possible. Appointments can be made by contacting one of the Counseling Secretaries.



Julie Covert, Secretary
P: 248.623.4040

Gail Decovich, Records Secretary
P: 248.623.3552

Shannon Carolin, Counselor
(A - DEL)

Nicole Toderan, Counselor

Julie Krzciok, Counselor

Kim McDaniel, Counselor

Justin Fittonneville, Counselor
(SCHI - Z)